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For Some Moments In Life There Are No Words...

How is it possible that so many things can happen to you in a week, and yet, it seems impossible to put it into written words? I guess I'll start with last weekend. Corynne and Julian came over, and ended up spending the night here. It was fun, but only because Corynne was here. (For anyone who knows Julian, you know why I am saying this.) Anyways, on Tuesday I had a Doctor's appointment to check up on the baby. We got to hear his heart again. I love to hear it. It makes me so happy that I want to cry. I can't wait until he is finally here! Little Matthew Jr.! After that, we went to Mikey's place and hung out there for while. That's about all that happened for this week. We might take all the kids to Aimee's tonight. Matt's birthday is on Tuesday. I hope a certain someone pays me so I can get him all the stuff I want to get him. But anyways, I am exhausted. So I am going to take a Kitten nap, so I am nice and awake for when Matt gets home.
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