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Some People Just Weren't Meant To Get Sleep...

You know, I love Matt to death, but I can't stand how he just falls asleep and stays that way. We were both really tired, and we're both getting sick, so we went to sleep ay 9:30. 9:30!!! I feel like I am getting old. Being pregnant makes everything worse. I feel like it's 1,000 degrees in the bedroom, I can't lay on my tummy, and I keep crying because I can't sleep. I can't win anymore.
Anyways, I have a Doctor's appointment at 9:00 tomorrow. It's unbelievable that Matt Jr. is going to be here any day now! I really hope we're going to be ready. It's crazy to think that in a few days, our baby will be here with us. Wow, this little guy has some force to him. He's actually starting to hurt me a lot when he moves, and there's times where he moves and I can't breathe. It's really time for him to get out of there lol.
Oh well, I am either going to get dressed and walk to WaWa Like an idiot, or I am going to watch the rest of the Drew Carey Show, and then go curl up with Matt and try to sleep. Either way, I am out.
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Just a tid-bit of info, it will get better. The times that he's moving that you feel like you can't breathe, that's him turning, it can be a painful process. But just think that in a few days he will be here, with you and yours and you will be able to hold him, hug him, rock him when he cries, look into his eyes and realize that he is yours and know that there is "PURE" love looking back at you. It's the greatest feeling you will ever know and the most precious gift you will ever receive. Crankiness always happens at the end of your pregnancy, it's kinda a mix between anticipation of getting the whole pregnancy over with and wanting to be able to finally see that lil baby who's been, making you sick,giving you heartburn,kicking you like crazy, and making you tired, and the emotion of also missing (as odd as it may seem) all of the above that I just mentioned. Well I hope my lil bit of words here have giving you some hope and inspiration and maybe even made you feel a little bit better.

Just remember "There is only one beautiful child, and every mother has it"